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New features

– Basic support has been added for NSDateFormatter in nib2cib.  (Alexander Ljungberg)

– Lazy support for bytes() and base64() added to CFData, +dataWithBytes and +dataWithBase64 methods added to CPData.  (cacaodev)

– capp_lint has been added to the Tools directory. capp_lint is a command-line tool to check code conformance with the Cappuccino style conventions. Anyone submitting pull requests should use capp_lint. Note that if you use the SublimeLinter plugin with Sublime Text 2, capp_lint is built in.  (Aparajita Fishman)

– Added missing CPSplitView -adjustSubviews method.  (Aparajita Fishman)

– Added a rhino-narwhal patch that can be applied to add JAVA_OPTS support when running Cappuccino utilities through rhino.  (Alexander Ljungberg)



– CPURLRequest -init correctly initializes the object.  (Alexander Ljungberg)

– Fixed a crash when removing objects from an array controller which has its arrangedObjects.@count observed.  (Alexander Ljungberg)

– Fixed: a collection view wouldn’t become the first responder when its items were clicked.  (Alexander Ljungberg)

– Fixed CPScrollView trying to access subviews in -initWithCoder.  (Aparajita Fishman)

– Added an `xcode-select` warning to  (Alexander Ljungberg)

– CPKeyedUnarchiver -decodeIntForKey, -decodeFloatForKey, and -decodeDoubleForKey now return 0 instead of nil, per Cocoa. (Aparajita Fishman)


Issues/Pull Requests

261 open issues

~180 left to triage

~20 closed in the last 8 days.

22 open pull requests

1 pull request closed in the last 8 days.

  • Business With India

    There are many attributes you can get and set on a 10.4-style date formatter, including the locale, time zone, calendar, format string, and the various textual strings like the month names. You are encouraged, however, not to change individual settings. Instead you should accept the default settings established on initialization and specify the format using setDateStyle:, setTimeStyle:, and appropriate style constants (see NSDateFormatterStyle—these are styles that the user can configure in the International preferences panel in System Preferences).

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